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Because apparently there’s still justice in this world, Guardians of the Galaxy reclaimed the box office throne. Villains are super happy.

Lee’s tongue is blue also. Im just imagining them telling him to eat a lot of blue candy to get it that way… Like how do we make the inside of his mouth blue too??? Lee comes in eating like a blue push pop or something and his entire mouth and lips are blue and he’s just like, “Hey guys, whats going on?” and they’re all just like, “……………PERFECT!”

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Amazing Jurassic Park cosplay. I’m dying. Via Gamma Squad.

omg the video of them going around the con is HILARIOUS

Go faster. Must go faster.

This is the true spirit of cosplay

a full grown man riding in a Power Wheel modified to look like a Jurassic Park truck

with a lady in a raptor suit chasing him all over the convention

everyone else go home.

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